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In the fields of wholesale, out-of-home consumer goods, and restaurant supply
we are here to bring together you and the best.

Our Company

As Setna Global, we started our commercial life in 2010 with import and export between Canada and North America to deliver the highest quality products to our consumers.


Our mission is not to compromise on our customer-oriented approach and sustainability principle while bringing our international customers together with the world's top-quality manufacturers.


Being the first brand that springs to mind when it comes to reaching the highest quality products

About Us

We help clients to get success

Since 2010, we have been bringing together the most important companies of Canada with the best quality products in the world. We have adopted 100% customer satisfaction as a principle with our comprehensive product portfolio, on-time delivery guarantee, and quality priority service understanding.

With our headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and our growing trade network, we have become an international company that sets the world alight day by day.

What We Do

Features That Make Setna Global Unique

Our Features

R & D

Our highly experienced R&D team works every day to expand our organization and perform our business in the best way possible.

Keeping up Quality

All products we supply comply with international standards such as US FDA, BRC, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 9000, and HALAL and are approved.

Dedicated Team

Our fully dedicated team plugs away to bring unbeatable quality products to our customers by affiliating close relationships between our organization and consumers who choose the most qualified service.

Customized Products

We offer the needs of our customers by diversifying and customizing, thus giving us an edge over our competitors in the global market.

Global Procurement

Our holistic approach to the supply chain needs and unique problem-solving skills provides us with the success of global procurement.

Absolute Customer Satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction is our priority, and our attentive service approach is one of the most significant features that distinguish us from our competitors.

What We Serve

Our Products

We remain at your disposal with our competence to supply every product you need and a customer satisfaction-oriented approach. 


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